Marching Band on ITV



Great excitement was followed by some serious rehearsal sessions when the Sussex Wing Band were asked by ITV if they would appear in the popular programme 'Ade in Britain' alongside Ade Edmondson. The timescale was short but the Band, comprised of cadets from across the County and lead by Flight Sergeant Phil Mabbott, Sussex Wing Bandmaster, achieved all that was asked of them and the sun came out despite the damp start to the day. Research by ITV of all things Sussex related had brought them to our door because the Band are well known for playing the famous tune 'Sussex by the Sea' which is regularly used as the Sussex Wing March. Filming took place close to the Coastguard Cottages at Seaford Head with the backdrop of the wonderful Seven Sisters Country Park.



There were a few nerves in the beginning but after a couple of runs through the tunes, everyone settled into playing for Ade and pulled out all the stops to produce a first class performance of not only 'Sussex by the Sea' but also 'Colonel Bogey'. Corporal Jodie Henningway of 2262 (Bexhill) Squadron who had only recently joined the band said, "I had been playing the trumpet for eight months but this was the first time as a member of Sussex Wing Band. I did not have a lot of time to learn the music and was a bit nervous at first but really enjoyed the whole experience."   

While Ade got on with the cooking the cadets sat and watchedfrom the sidelines, appreciating just how much goes into making this TV programme.


Once the dish was ready, Flight Sergeant Phil Mabbott along with CWO John Reid and Cadet Helen Cockroft, both from 1015 (Horsham) Squadron were invited to try Ade's cooking.IMG 0186 2 1400x932 

Of the Band, Flight Sergeant Mabbott said: "Their hard work in rehearsals together really paid off and despite some nerves about being on TV performed well - meeting any celebrity is daunting", and on a personal note he added, "I'm a fan of Ade's television work and his music. He was such a friendly guy and spent time talking to the band on and off camera. He was kind enough to give autographs to the cadets and pose for pictures. What really interested me in the show was that Ade is a cook, not a celebrity chef but a cook. As a qualified chef myself it was a pleasure to watch him at work and a pleasure to lead the band in his presence. The Band performed to the highest standard for one of televisions most charismatic entertainers and I am very proud of them". 


sussex wing band with ade edmondson